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The restoration of gas heating furnaces forging shop of the OJSC "Urals Kuznitsa"

A production unit of LLC "Spetsogneuporkomplekt" - OOO PK "Ogneupor-Komplekt", the press-forging shop of the OJSC "Urals Kuznitsa" is a major overhaul of two furnaces: forging the annular gas furnace and three-chambered blacksmith gas furnaces.

The scope of work performed: 100% replacement of the lining (fireclay refractories in combination with a refractory fibrous materials) from the site gate to the vault of the furnaces; welding work to restore the frame of metal constructions; mechanical Assembly of the node of a gate, mechanism of lifting and lowering flaps, as well as other mechanisms and actuators that are installed on furnaces.

Ring 9.5 m forging forging three-compartment gas oven gas oven Masonry ring reciclado fume collection ring pit furnace

Masonry stoves are made class 2, according to the specifications for the production and acceptance of construction works on masonry of industrial furnaces and chimneys (SNiP sh-24-74g. Moscow).

Between the furnace lining and the masonry as a thermal barrier strip used life of the fiber plate brand PCVT.Welded plate water cooled ring burner pakistanwe GNP three-chamber furnace

Welding work is performed in accordance with the requirements of the project and the 5264-80 GOST, GOST 14776-79.

Mechanical Assembly work is performed in accordance with the project.

Over the course of the execution of works carried out supervision. Comments on quality, completion time repair no.

The result of this work, and the use of ceramic fibers materials significantly reduced the heat loss, the surface temperature of the dome and the covering of the furnace has fallen by more than 2.5 times, and the savings of natural gas amounted to 396 m3 per day.

On the images of the set of three-chambered kiln, made with an MRI scanner for 10 months. to repair visible heating of the outer surface of the body from 226оС. Dark dots shows the output of the furnace gases. After the repair to maximum extent.velikoletna. obayatelnaya, charming the temperature of the outer surface of the body fell to 91.6aboutC. the Temperature on the casing of the furnace after the repair: 77,5-91onS.