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Thermal insulation products, calcium silicate

Environmentally friendly thermal insulation products calcium silicate produced by the hydrothermal technique on its own unique technology.

Thermal insulation products TISK

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Теплоизоляционный блок из силиката кальция марки ТИСК
Insulation block, calcium silicate brand TISK
The heat insulating plate (1000*600*30) and shells for pipeline insulation calcium silicate

Thermal insulation products calcium silicate brand TISK are used as heat insulation with high mechanical and thermal properties in all industries. In particular:

  • power system: power boilers, steam pipe;

  • engineering industry: smelting equipment, ladles, installation of hot and thermal processing;

  • construction industry: chamber and tunnel furnaces, heat exchangers and cyclones;

  •  glass industry: cooking pools and cooling channels;

  • petrochemical and chemical industry: cracking furnaces and process equipment.

Also a typical use of brand products TISK is used as the thermal insulation and the working layer in heat-treatment furnaces, as insulation of flues, steam lines, mazout lines, as thermal and corrosion protection of surfaces of heating liners, etc.

In performance there are six types of products (depending on density): TISK – 250; TISK – 300; TISK – 400, TISK – 500, TISK – 750, TISK – 1000.

The physical and mechanical properties of products should conform to the requirements specified in the table below:

No. then Name of the indicator The norm
1. Mass fraction for calcined substance, %, not less:


CaO, not less

MgO not more than





2. Apparent density, kg/m3 , not more than: 250-1000
3. Coefficient of thermal conductivity (see graph), with ρ=250 kg/m3

t 200 ± 25 °C, W/MK, not more than

t 400 ± 25 °C, W/MK, not more than

t 600 ± 25 °C, W/MK, not more than





4. Application temperature, °C, maximum 1100
5. The porosity (ρ=250 kg/m3), %, not more: 90

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Materials of calcium silicate in comparison with the traditional thermal insulation materials have a number of advantages:

• Reduced insulation thickness in 1.5-2 times compared to standard;

• The durability of the insulating shells (not less than 10 years);

• Low complexity of installation (two workers can install insulation on the tubing (Ø159 mm, length 200 RM.m.) for 8 hours, which reduces installation time in 3-4 times in comparison with traditional materials);

• Products TISK, treated with water-repellent coating, have a high frost, moisture resistance, resistant to alkalis and to all hydrocarbons (including oils).

• All year round installation and repair (regardless of weather conditions);

• Environmental safety of the products.

Comparative characteristics of products from calcium silicate with ultraleggera brand SHL-0,5, cardboard brand MCRL-450 and a plate of ceramic fiber, see the article "Basic principles of selecting insulating materials at high temperatures of operation" (link will open in a new window).

The types of insulation products brand TISK:

>Скорлупы для теплоизоляции трубо- про- проводов из силиката кальция
Теплоизоляционные огнеупорные формованные изделия из силиката кальция
Различные формованные огнеупорные изделия из силиката кальция