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Insulating sheath (quick-Thermoblock)

Heat-insulating shell (Thermoblock) is a quick-detachable insulation for valves, fittings, assemblies and equipment that require periodic maintenance, including:

  • Shaped elements;

  • Industrial fans;

  • Tanks and reservoirs for various purposes;

  • Compressors and motors;

  • Drying plant;

  • Boilers and boiler units;

  • Pumps and pumping equipment;

  • The refrigeration unit;

  • Turbine;

  • Offshore platforms for oil and gas;

  • Heat-and-power equipment of sea and river vessels;

  • Steam and gas turbines;

  • Nuclear reactors.

Quick Thermoblock produced by "Spetsogneuporkomplekt" consist of:

1. Technical waterproof fabric with a maximum application temperature up to 600OC;

2. A heat insulating layer of refractory fibers (needle-punched blankets);

3. Attachment required for installation of products on the insulated object.

Shell are made on developed for specific units drawings and patterns in the form of finished products or in the form of elements, which assembled on-site into a single structure.

The use of thermal insulation shells allows you to:

– Significantly reduce heat loss;

To prevent condensation;

par-osn">– to Protect the equipment from corrosion and mechanical damage;

– To reduce noise and vibration;

– Increase the equipment lifetime.

Insulating shells find wide application in different spheres of production, including:

  • Power system;

  • The nuclear industry;

  • The oil and gas industry;

  • Chemical industry;

  • Ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy;

  • Shipbuilding;

  • Civil and industrial construction;

  • Utilities.