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OOO "Spetsogneuporkomplekt" mastered serial production of shaped vacuumforming products

16.01 2019

Serve to protect the jet of metal from secondary oxidation in plants for continuous casting of steel and to avoid mechanical destruction of refractory ceramic Sprague nodes with high level of vibration occurring during casting. These products are elastic sealing inserts, repeats the configuration of the mating surfaces of the parts, particularly between the protective tube and a glass-collector, and between the Cup-dispenser and submersible promove glass.

The offered products are:

  • form a protective seal damping layer, thus preventing mechanical destruction of the ceramic parts during vibration;

  • samoletnaya during operation due to the presence of oxidized protecting thermal expanding graphite;

  • reduce the increase in nitrogen and oxidation in 2-3 times;

  • - ensure the integrity of the site, which allows to refuse completely purge the node with argon;

  • not wetted by molten steel, iron and non-ferrous metals, which eliminates the ingress of metal in the joint and thereby prevent welding of refractory products site casting;

  • included with these products comes elastic adhesive for attaching them to any product site.

The sealing inserts are equally suitable for casting as coronagraphic through and through a quartz protective tube.

Physico-chemical characteristics, mass fraction,% :

  • rubber, not more than 8%;

  • graphite, not more than 12%;

  • the absolute volume expansion, at least 25%;

  • maximum application temperature is 1800on theS.

ar-osn">Content fused mullite refractory aggregate, at least 60%.